Reimichi Akayama (リーミキ アカヤマ (riimiki akayama) meaning "spirit pathway, red mountain") is a tanuki. She is a rare pacifistic youkai who does not support the conflict between them and humans, thus leading her to be unpopular amongst others of her species. 


As indicated above, she has a fairly idealistic view on how things can be solved, rarely find any kind of fighting necassary (Danmaku or otherwise) and believes things can be solved with simple reasoning rather than force. Despite this, she will not attempt to change how things work and will cooperate with the established rules, though she is still much more hesistant to engage in any kind of 'fight' than the other residents. 

Due to her differing beliefs and dislike towards conflict, Reimichi mostly keeps to herself and avoids interacting with other youkai, as well as others in general, also stemming from a general anti-social attitued. When she does interact with others, however, she is fairly kind and polite, albeit no less reclusive. 

Powers Edit

Reimichi's main (and really only) ability is to manipulate the desires of others, as to prevent them from carrying out their latest action. She doesn't use it much, as she finds it immoral, and most smarter people can resist it, though she has used it as a form of self-defense before.