1. Profanity is allowed, but do not abuse it in character or out of character.
  2. Multiple people can have the same character in the form of a list. Per say, Person A and Person B can own Reimu. However, they can only be roleplayed at the same time under certain circumstances (see rule 3**). Characters will be preserved on request with usernames of who owns it, by moderator approval and review. Moderator permission will also be given to OCs after reviewed. If a user owning a character is inactive for more than 1 year, their name will be taken off of the lists of said characters until they wish to re-reserve. If you plan a hiatus and predict to come back after a preferred set of time, it told to a moderator or active member(either way, it spreads to mods and kept safe in a heart-shaped lock), your character(s) will most definitely be reserved for that time frame. Don't worry, though, you are not rushed to come back exactly at that time! If you are on hiatus and have an OC or a page, your page(s) will still exist and wait for you. It would be rude to get rid of hard work.
  3. Headcanons, theories and alternate universes are allowed, but don't roleplay anything that directly contradicts the canon if it's a canon character or OC from the canon Touhou Project universe. Also, don't be out of character with a canon character unless it's an AU or crack. **Finally, if two members under the list of one character is active in the chatroom at that present moment, a choice would needed to be made. One must either move on to another reserved character they may have, an OC, or use a distinctively different AU character. While this may seem like a fast-paced decision, remember that you can take your time. Any cases of rushing will be seen as a caution - a rp doesn't absolutely have to be centered around a decision, nor does it have to begin right then and there, depending on the situation. 
  4. Do not use a character without someone's permission in any case, or use them to contradict an owner's preferred headcanons and theories or canon. It's rude. 
  5. No Mary or Gary Stus, either. Fair roleplay is essential for a friendly environment.
  6. No recolors. 
  7. Problems with group and private roleplays will be worked out, assuming there are problems with someone's story arc or something problematic. Page edits may need to be asked for if this is to be a fair solution.
  8. Crack roleplays are allowed.
  9. Crossovers and AUs are allowed.
  10. YES, shippings are allowed. Be it one ship or multiship, just do not bash the preferences and ships of other members. Have it be fair to everyone else. OC X OC, OC X Canon, and Canon X Canon is allowed.
  11. No spamming, vandalizing, ban avoiding, or any other repeated offense in that category.
  12. Promotion requests will be judged based on your behavior, status, your trustiworthiness, and how long you've been on this wiki by other moderators. 
  13. You may own more than one character at a time. Keep track of them, though, and don't do anything to get your privileges revoked. 
  14. Do not plagarize from other wikias for any kind of article. The articles must be original and in your own words.